How To Bet On NC State

How To Bet On NC State

The NC State Wolfpack is enjoying a resurgence in ACC relevance, which means they’ve enjoyed a similar resurgence in the sports gambling community. With more fans than ever looking at how to bet on NC State, it’s fitting that most legal online sportsbooks now view the team as a featured player on their betting boards. The team has some impressive talent on both offense and defense.

Fortunately, it’s perfectly easy – and perfectly legal – to get started with North Carolina sports betting. All you need is an Internet connection, a free membership at any of several reputable online sportsbooks, and a few bucks to spend on the Wolfpack. If you’ve got all those things, your Saturdays are about to get a whole lot more interesting. These sportsbooks are all offshore and safe to use in North Carolina as well. You’ll have everything you need for college football.

Best Sites For Wagering On NC State

There are probably hundreds of online sports betting sites for North Carolina out there that will give you odds and take your wagers on NC State, but you should only bet on the Wolfpack at a reputable, established online sportsbook. Sites like Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, and MyBookie are the best options, as they all offer top-notch customer service, easy-to-use betting boards, and the best privacy and encryption standards in the industry.

Signing up is free, and you can join any (or all!) of the sites in just a few minutes. Each service offers different Welcome Bonus packages, and they all have perks for repeat customers, new deposits, user referrals, and more. Even better, they each publish different odds on all major sports matchups, so you can shop between them for the best odds and payouts when you bet on NC State football.

Bovada Odds On NC State

Bovada SportsbookBovada, which is arguably the best online sportsbook around, is always updating its odds pages during the week. You can bet on every matchup, whether it be on the moneyline, total, or spread of the game. The site also has one of the top-rated mobile sportsbooks that is compatible for both iOS and Android users. The best part is that bettors can even wager on live odds from the mobile platform.
When you bet on NC State at Bovada, don’t forget to use the exclusive bonus offers provided by the site. The 50% Welcome Bonus is most popular, with the online sportsbook adding up to $250 to your account depending on how much you deposit. Most NC residents find it easiest to use a Visa or MasterCard to get started.

SportsBetting Odds On NC State

SportsBetting SportsbookSportsBetting is one of the preeminent Internet-based legal sportsbooks, and they’ve got a reputation that matches Bovada on almost all fronts. In fact, SportsBetting is superior to Bovada in a couple of ways, most notably because it accepts a much larger suite of deposit types for its customers. Of course, they also offer different lines and props on all of the biggest games.

The online sportsbook also offers huge bonuses for NC residents, regardless of how you deposit. Cryptocurrency users can enjoy a 100% match bonus with code 100CRYPTO. If you are funding your account with a credit card or other method, there is also a 50% match bonus waiting for you with code SB1000.

Best North Carolina Sports Betting Sites - 100% Trusted + Safe
Bovada Sportsbook50% Up To $250VISA + Wire Transfer
BetOnline Sportsbook50% Up To $1,000 VISA, Bitcoin, Cash Wire
MyBookie Sportsbook50% New Member Bonus!VISA, Bitcoin
Xbet Sportsbook100% Up To $300 VISA, Bitcoin
Sportsbetting Sportsbook50% Up To $1,000 Bitcoin, Wire Xfer, VISA

Types Of Wagers You Can Place On NC State

How To Bet On NC StateOnce you’re ready to bet on NC State, you’re going to have a ton of options right out of the gate. But don’t get overwhelmed. Instead, just start with the basics and go from there. The most common types of wagers you can place on NC State football are the point spread, the straight up moneyline bet, and the over/under bet. In fact, you’re likely already familiar with one or two of these.

NC State Spread

The point spread is the most well-known type of football bet there is. Here, sportsbooks give the weaker team a “head start” by assigning it a given number of points. Similarly, they take away those points from the stronger team. This handicapping method serves multiple purposes, and many games wouldn’t even be offered to sports bettors without it.

As an example, say the Wolfpack is playing the Florida State Seminoles. NC State might be listed as a +12 underdog, and FSU a -12 favorite. This means that NC State can lose the game by up to 11 points and still win the bet. Conversely, for FSU to “cover the spread,” they’d have to win by 13 points at a minimum. If NC State loses the game by exactly 12 points, the spread bet would result in a “push,” and most sportsbooks would refund all the action as if the wager never happened. (To avoid this outcome, many sportsbooks regularly add half-points to their spread listings.)

Betting NC State Straight Up

Sometimes, it makes more sense to just bet on a winner or a loser without any handicapping. When this is the case, you can make a straight moneyline bet. A sportsbook’s posting for an NC State straight up bet will look something like this:

  • NC State Wolfpack (+375)
  • Florida State Seminoles (-405)

Here, the +375 in parentheses beside NC State indicates that they’re the underdog, and a successful bet on them to win the game yields $375 on a $100 wager. On the other side, the Noles are the favorites, and the negative number here means that bettors must risk $405 to win $100. Obviously, the bigger the underdog, the better the payout, while the bigger the favorite, the smaller the return. (Note: You do not have to spend these specific amounts to bet on NC State. They merely represent the wager-payout ratio in effect for the bet.)

NC State Over/Under Points

The simplest type of NC State sports bet is the over/under points bet. Also called the totals bet, the over/under requires bettors to pick whether the game’s total combined points will be higher than (over) or lower than (under) the sportsbook’s selected figure.

Using the above matchup scenario against the Seminoles, let’s imagine that the NC State over/under is set at 51 points. If the game’s final score is 27-21, the total combined score is 48, which is “under” 51. Thus, the under bet would win. For over/under betting, it does not matter which team wins or loses – you’re only betting on the sum of the final score and nothing more.

Mobile NC State Betting Apps

Let’s face it, you’re probably not going to be able to catch every NC State Wolfpack game in person or on TV. But even though you’re busy, you’re totally going to use your iPhone to check in on the weekend’s NC State contest, because that’s just the kind of dyed-in-the-wool (sheep’s clothing?) fan you are. To that end, you might be looking for a mobile NC State betting app. Unfortunately, there isn’t one.

Because Apple and Google don’t let offshore sports betting apps on the App Store or in Google Play, legal online sportsbooks cannot make dedicated app experiences for their customers. However, they do offer customized mobile sites that you can use as “web apps” to handle all your NC State mobile sports betting needs. These sites are built for smaller screens, and they’re actually more efficient and easier to use than their desktop counterparts. Because of this enhanced convenience, they’re also extremely well-suited to live in-game betting.

Live In-game Betting On NC State

Live betting, also called in-game betting, is a more recent phenomenon in the betting world, allowing bettors to put money on a game’s individual plays. With NC State live betting, you can make bets on things like whether or not the next play will be a run or a pass, whether a current drive ends in points or a punt, whether a pass rusher will get a sack on the upcoming play, and so on.

Bear in mind that, if you’re going to explore live betting on NC State, you need to basically be glued to the game and a computer or mobile device. Since the betting boards are so dynamic and because wagers and amounts change with literally every single play, you can’t miss a moment of action if you’re going to get the best odds and most favorable outcomes.

FAQ's About Betting On NC State

Is Betting On College Football Online Legal?

How To Bet On NC StateBetting on college football over the Internet is 100% legal. Even though various federal laws like the Wire Act and UIGEA are anti-gambling in nature, they do not actually outlaw sports betting. Rather, they merely regulate and limit domestic sportsbooks, preventing them from accepting bets. Since online sportsbooks like Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, and MyBookie are located overseas and outside of US jurisdiction, you remain free to do business with them. While you might go to the dog house for betting against the Wolfpack, you will never be arrested for betting on NC State.

What's The Safest Way To Deposit Into An NC State Sportsbooks?

The best, safest way to deposit into an NC State sportsbook is to use Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency, where available). Bitcoin is not only the most secure way to transfer money over the Internet, it also offers the added benefit of being truly paperless and effectively anonymous in an environment where that’s becoming a real luxury. Of course, you can also use your Visa or Mastercard credit and debit cards for instant deposits.

Can I Signup At More Than One Online Sports Betting Site?

Yes! Not only is it perfectly legal to sign up at multiple online sportsbooks, but it’s also strongly recommended that you do so. This way, you can shop the best lines, props, and futures available for NC State betting, so you’re guaranteed to get the best deal possible every time you wager on the Wolfpack. (Just remember that you should only ever open one account at any given sportsbook, as bettors who make duplicate accounts can be suspended and may even have to forfeit their account balances.)

Do Online Sportsbooks Offer Odds On Every NC State Game?

Generally speaking, most legal online sportsbooks will offer odds on every NC State game. Of course, this is contingent on NC State’s continued relevance in the ACC and their strength of schedule. If the team ever falls to the bottom of the NCAA field, for example, bettors will probably lose interest over the coming years. But that’s unlikely to happen to a major program like NC State, and their games will almost always be relevant to the betting public.

Every now and then, NC State will play some Division II scrub in a meaningless tune-up game, as most college teams have a tendency to do. Sometimes, these games will not be offered by sportsbooks due to what would assuredly be absurd spreads and outrageous moneylines. It’s simply not worth the risk to the books’ bottom lines. Usually, though, the odds will be much closer, and you’ll have dozens of options each week to bet on NC State. Go Pack!

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